Volunteer Opportunities

Our Parish is in need of volunteers for various projects and upcoming events!
These volunteer opportunities are a great way for parishioners to meet other members of our Parish family and help out in our community. This is also a great way for students who are in need of community service hours to complete their requirements, while also growing their role in our Parish!
Please see the details for each event below - any and all help is greatly appreciated!
If you are interested in helping out, please contact David Byrne, Volunteer Coordinator,
at 203-758-4056 Ext. 17 or by email to [email protected]


Christmas Undecorating

Time to take down the decorations!
As it always does, the Christmas season has quickly come to an end. We will soon be returning to Ordinary Time and will be taking down the Christmas decorations in our church. The poinsettias will be left for as long as they last.
We are looking for volunteers to help us on Thursday, January 12 at 6:00 PM in the Church.
If you can donate a few hours of your time, please contact David Byrne at the Parish Center.


Sewing cloth overlays for the new Chapel Altar

Do you know how to sew?

We are looking for a volunteer to cut and sew three pairs of cloth altar overlays for the new chapel altar.

The cloths are simple rectangular strips: one red, one green and one gold.

We will cover the cost of materials but ask that the volunteer obtain them. 

David will meet with anyone who is interested to provide dimensions and to provide guidance on the colors.


We have a very successful Bingo program here at St. Anthony Church; however, in order to run this week after week, we rely on the help of volunteers. We have regular volunteers who help out on a rotating basis, but others who are there every week. We could use help in the following areas:

  • Calling the game: acting as emcee, drawing and calling numbers, operating Bingo console and flashboard, etc. Additional people would really be appreciated in this capacity.

  • Office: setting up game sheets, managing inventory, paying out cash game prizes, etc.

  • Floor: collecting money, distributing game sheets, etc.

  • Sealed Ticket Sales: managing inventory, selling tickets and managing cash, prepare weekly reports.

  • Kitchen: purchasing supplies, prepare items for sale, cooking on-site or remotely, set-up and clean-up. This is an area where we have the same people almost every week and more volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

  • **Training will be provided in all positions**

If you can volunteer one Monday a month please call the Parish Center at 203-758-4056.

Altar Serving

The Altar Server Ministry is looking for new Altar Servers for all Masses. 

  • Servers may be boys or girls, must be old enough to enter the 4th grade or older, and have received their first Holy Communion. 

  • Altar Servers generally serve one Mass every three weeks and you can choose your preferred Mass time. 

Health Ministry

The Health Ministry would like to begin offering blood pressure screenings after Mass again.

  • If you are a healthcare professional and willing to give 15 minutes of your time after Mass once a month, please contact the Parish Center at 203-758-4056.

  • In the past, blood pressure screenings were offered on the second Sunday of the month

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Replace the ramp and build a step in the Church storage barn (*You will not need to pay for materials*)