Funeral Information

  • Upon the death of a loved one, please contact your chosen funeral home and they will make the arraongements to contact the parish. 
  • If you are not using a funeral home, please call the parish center office, 203-758-4056
  • Information Regarding Funeral Music can be found here
  • More information regarding the Catholic Funeral Rites can be found here: An Overview of Catholic Funeral Rites
  • On the Question of Cremation:
    We often get asked whether the church approves of cremation as a form of burial. The answer is yes, cremation is acceptable. However, let’s take this opportunity to clarify some issues that are not readily understood. While the church approves of cremation and allows the cremains to be brought into church for a funeral Mass, the preferred option is still the celebration of a funeral Mass in the presence of the body. Often today, people are choosing immediate cremation after the death of a loved one. While the church accepts this option, the actual funeral liturgy requires the presence of a body so that the fullness of the rite can be celebrated and appreciated. Therefore, in the way the funeral rites of the Catholic Church are designed and intended, a Mass in the presence of the body ought to precede cremation. This is the traditional and best way to approach this burial option. In addition, the Church asks that the cremains be buried, in their entirety, in consecrated ground. They may not be kept in the home of a loved one, divided or scattered over a special place. The only exception to this is a military burial at sea. - Father Gregory