Rosary Society

This ministry is a spiritual association made up of dedicated men and women who meet on a regular basis to recite the Rosary.  Many of its members have a special personal devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Daily Divine Mercy Group

Current members: Diane Lawson, Dee Malon, Luisa Barile, Loretta Spataro, and Elaine Sardinski (not pictured).

A small group of parishioners gathers to pray the Rosary after daily morning Mass.

They meet every morning at 7:20 am before Mass, and say the Divine Mercy following the service.


First Saturday Rosary Rally

Another group of Parishioners gathers on the first Saturday of each month for a "Rosary Rally". This group follows a specific program centered around saying the rosary and praying for the intentions presented at the beginning of each session.

"Our monthly rosary rallies have been taking place for several years now and it is a very devoted group of about half a dozen kind-hearted people who share and live out their faithful devotion to the Blessed Mother and of course to her most sacred Son.” stated Lori Matteis who has been running the rally and leads the group in prayer, “We have developed a wonderful rapport and look forward to meeting and praying together every month in honor of Our Blessed Lady and Jesus. We have witnessed countless prayers being answered and are most grateful for the numerous graces we have received.”

Please consider joining this loyal group. It takes less than an hour to say the Rosary and all the prayers together. If you are interested in attending the Rosary Rally, please call Lori Matteis at 203-758-3009.