Finance Council

Finance Council Members oversee and ensure the financial health of the parish; are responsible for the preparation of the annual budget, reviewing actual income and expenses, and advising the Pastor on financial matters.  

Finance Council Members:

Michael C. Accuosti
Michael is a lifelong parishioner of St. Anthony's, having been baptized here and involved in various ministries throughout the years. In addition to serving on the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council, he is also a Reader and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Michael has also been involved with the Hope Ministry and the Helping Hands Ministry. He can be reached at [email protected]


Matthew Costa
Matthew has been a parishioner at St. Anthony’s for over 20 years. He currently works as an accountant at Porter and Chester Institute. He can be reached at [email protected]


Theresa Graveline
Theresa was born and raised in Prospect and has been a parishioner of St. Anthony's for nearly all of her sixty years of life. During her high school and college years she served as a Reader, sang in Folk Group, was a cheerleader, and also taught CCD and CYO. As an adult, while raising four children with her husband, Mark, she has volunteered for many of the missions here at St. Anthony.  Over the past several years, she has served as a member of the Finance Council as well as a Reader and member of The Gathering Harvest Mission. She can be reached at [email protected]


Betty Guevin
Betty grew up in the central part of Massachusetts and has been a resident of Prospect for 32 years.  She has been an active parishioner at St. Anthony Church since 2005, when she became a member of the Finance Council.  She is also on the collection team (counting the weekly offering) and a member of the Ladies Guild (past treasurer). She can be reached at [email protected]


David Veneri
David has been a member of St. Anthony since moving to Prospect in 1992. In addition to serving on the Finance Council, David is active in the Knights of Columbus and HOPE Ministry. He is also an usher at the 9:30 mass. Previously, David served as finance lead of the Pumpkin Patch Steering Committee from 2010-2016. David can be reached at [email protected]