Faith Formation

Faith Formation

The Pastoral Council at St. Anthony Church sees the spiritual formation of our parish as a priority. Most Catholics are accustomed to understanding spiritual or faith formation as something that exclusively applies to youth. The old designation of youth formation as “C.C.D.” still strikes familiar tones in the ears of many Catholics.Spiritual formation is something that is on going for all baptized persons. It is not something that ends with Confirmation or something abandoned as a “rite of passage.”  Adults are as much in need, if not more so, of faith formation as are our children.  As we grow and change, so must our faith understanding.

Equipped with basic learning concepts, a person can function in the world. If people are provided with additional skills and knowledge, they can function better.  Often, we face difficult struggles and circumstances in our life equipped with only a basic understanding of our faith and our relationship with God. We discover, very quickly, that this does not work. Confronting adult situations requires an adult perspective. That perspective is gained through faith formation.

The religious education of our youth is extremely important. Foundations must be laid. However, taking personal responsibility for my formation as an adult is essential for the development of an informed, mature and functional spiritual life.  It is hoped that all who find a home here at St. Anthony will take their faith formation seriously and take full advantage of both present and developing opportunities.

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