Faith Formation


Welcome to Faith Formation at Saint Anthony Church

  • The religious education of our youth is extremely important. Foundations must be laid. However, taking personal responsibility for my formation as an adult is essential for the development of an informed, mature and functional spiritual life.  It is hoped that all who find a home here at St. Anthony will take their faith formation seriously and take full advantage of both present and developing opportunities.

  • Contact Information:  Andrea Brown, Director of Youth Formation, email or 203-758-4848, ext. 19
    Office Hours: Mondays: 10 am -3 pm; Tuesdays 10 am-7 pm


    • 2020-21 Registration Form
    • If wanting to join our parish family, we require proof of all sacraments made outside of Saint Anthony Church. 
    • To participate in our Faith Formation program, families are required to be registered in our parish.
    • Parish Registration forms can be downloaded on our here
    • Thank you for your continued support and positive attitude as we strive to follow the guidelines from The Archdiocese. 
Information regarding dates and times are on the following pages:
Primary Faith Formation - Grades K-1, 2, 4, 5 and 6
Reconciliation and First Communion - Grade 3 
Secondary Faith Formation - Grades , 8, 9 and 10 (Confirmation)
  • We’re excited to share our chosen curriculum, Pflaum Gospel Weeklies with you.
    An alternative to bulky textbooks, each family-friendly issue flows from the Sunday Gospel readings, and
    has an easy-to-use parent guide so you can feel confident about sharing the faith with your whole family!
    For more specific links and instructions, go to your child’s grade level individual page:
    Promise – Grades K-1
    Good News – Grades 2-3
    Venture – Grades 4,5,6
    Visions – Grades 7-8
  • We would like to offer our thanks to the many catechists who offered their time and talent to teach our young people in the faith. Graciously, many have answered the call to serve as teachers in our program. Some are brand new, here for the first year, while others are entering their third decade of teaching. No matter the grade you have or the number of years you have been here, we are most grateful for all you are doing!
    We still need volunteer teachers for the following: Can you help???
    Catechists Still Needed:
    Mondays Kindergarten 3:45-4:45pm, weekly
    Grades 7 & 8   6:15 to 7:15 pm, weekly
    Sundays  Grade 6    8:30 -9:30 am



A new favorite November Tradition
Supplies Needed for a Gratitude Pumpkin

  • Pumpkin REAL -Buy before Halloween! After Halloween, pumpkins are scarce and pretty hard to find).
  • OR a fake pumpkin (if you have the room to store them because then each year you can see what you were grateful for in previous years.- Be sure to buy one before Halloween! check dollar or craft stores)
  • Sharie marker

How to Make a Gratitude Pumpkin:

  1. Keep your (non-cut) pumpkin on your kitchen or dining room table with a sharpie so it’s easy to remember to write on it.
  2. Every evening when you eat dinner, discuss with your family what you’re grateful for.
  3. Start at the top of the pumpkin and write, “We are grateful for…” or  “We are thankful for…”
  4. Every evening, add a few things you’re grateful for, writing in a spiral around the pumpkin. In our family, we each add 1-3 things every night.
  5. Start with the super important things you’re grateful for like our family members.
  6. After you get through the important things, start adding the fun and silly things we’re grateful for like coffee, treats and family movie nights.
  7. By the end of November, the whole pumpkin will be filled up with everything we’re thankful for.
  8. Place your Gratitude Pumpkin on our Thanksgiving table as a centerpiece.