Bingo at St. Anthony Church of Prospect

Our next session: Monday June 24th 2024 at 7:00 pm


Jackpot #1   $625 in 53 numbers or less

Jackpot #2   $2,400 - MUST GO!

To each Jackpot amount add $200 Bonus if awarded in 50 numbers or less

plus Full Card game prize ($150 in Progressive #1 / $200 in Progressive #2)


- PLUS -

'Biker Betty'  Sealed Bingo game with guaranteed $1,000 prize!

Two Winner-Take-All Games,

$250.00 Quickie Game,

and 13 Package games with prizes up to $140.00 each !!

Great Weekly Door Prizes plus.....

Each admission is your entry into our $200.00 Rollover Cash Door Prize!



Click here to view photos from Bingo!


Bingo Notice:

  • In keeping with the policy of St Anthony Bingo to observe all State of Connecticut bingo regulations,  our $20 admission fee (12 on - 7 up game package plus one quickie) is required of everyone in attendance including children, relatives or friends of admitted players. This purchase earns each player ONE admission coupon regardless of any additional purchases. Volunteers and administrative guests are exempt from the admission requirement unless they participate in the game and if so will meet the same admission requirements as any other player. 
  • Connecticut state statutes allow players under the age of 18 to be admitted to play at a charitable bingo game when accompanied and monitored by an adult.
  • In consideration of the health and safety of everyone involved, we ask that you attend Bingo only if you are feeling well.

Bingo Volunteers needed!

We have a very successful Bingo program here at St. Anthony Church; however, in order to run this week after week, we rely on the help of volunteers. We have regular volunteers who help out on a rotating basis, but others who are there every week.
We could use help in the following areas:
  • Calling the game: acting as emcee, drawing and calling numbers, operating Bingo console and flashboard, etc. Additional people would really be appreciated in this capacity.
  • Office: setting up game sheets, managing inventory, paying out cash game prizes, etc.
  • Floor: collecting money, distributing game sheets, etc.
  • Sealed Ticket Sales: managing inventory, selling tickets and managing cash, prepare weekly report.
  • Kitchen: purchasing supplies, prepare items for sale, cooking on-site or remotely, set-up and clean-up. This is an area where we have the same people almost every week and more volunteers would be greatly appreciated.
  • **Training will be provided in all positions**
If you can volunteer one Monday a month please call the Parish Center at 203-758-4056.