TWO Jackpot Games!
Monday, Oct. 11th, 2021

Jackpot#1  $625

Jackpot#2    $450.00 


Bingo Notice:

  • In keeping with the policy of St Anthony Bingo to observe all State of Connecticut bingo regulations,  our $20 admission fee is required of everyone in attendance including children, relatives or friends of admitted players. Volunteers and administrative guests are exempt from this requirement.
  • Connecticut state statutes allow players under the age of 18 to be admitted to play at a charitable bingo game when accompanied and monitored by an adult. Our admission fee includes eight game sheets in all. Purchases of special game sheets are optional.
  • In consideration of the health and safety of everyone involved we ask that you attend bingo only if you are feeling well.
  • As per the Archdiocese: Those who are vaccinated, wearing masks will now be optional, those who remain unvaccinated should continue to wear masks
  • If you would like a seat cushion, please bring your own.
  • GREAT NEWS! Our kitchen has reopened! Soups, sandwiches, pizza.  Lots more!