Staff Member: Lisa White

Lisa White

Administrative Assistant to The Pastor
Phone: 203-758-4056 ext.10
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Lisa White, Administrative Assistant to the Pastor, has been a part of the St Anthony community for many years before she actually was a member of the Parish Center staff. “My children, now grown, have brought me to where I am today. They were raised in the church and hopefully have a good foundation in faith. I first volunteered at VBS, as a catechist, retreat planner and organizer and before I knew it, I was actually getting paid for my work! I enjoyed all the years with them as they participated in different ministries.” Lisa originally started on staff as a youth minster which then progressed to assistant Director of Religious Education to bookkeeper and to her current position for the last 9 years.

As the Pastor’s Administrative Assistant Lisa’s job is multifaceted with bookkeeping being a large part of it but also working with the parish staff and parishioners on a daily basis. “People don’t realize how busy our offices are until they have spent some time here.”

Being a part of the staff and community of St Anthony Church has expanded not only her knowledge of the church and its pastoral mission but its need to run as a “business”. “I see the trials and tribulations first hand from the priest shortage and how it affects us as well as the effort to be financially solvent. My faith is no longer a blind one. I am blessed when parishioners share their personal stories, it’s a humbling experience and a constant reminder that we all suffer, need each other, and are loved unconditionally by our creator.”
When asked of her favorite liturgical season, Lisa explained that she enjoys the Triduum and Easter seasons the best with the richness in the liturgy, history behind the traditions and the hope the resurrection brings for all people

Other than spending time with her three children and dog Cali, it is in nature that she finds inspiration. “When stressed, send me to nature and I am refreshed! I enjoy the ocean, hiking, kayaking, yoga and falling from perfectly good planes otherwise known as skydiving!

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