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Easter Message from Father Gregory

Apr 11, 2020

Christ is risen, Alleluia...

      I would like to extend wishes for a beautiful and happy Easter to you and your loved ones. May we all celebrate with great joy the promise of our new life in Christ, our Risen Lord.

      This year, more than ever, we are reminded very powerfully that Easter is so much more than flowers, cards, Easter eggs, and candy. It is the historical event that gives meaning and purpose to our lives. It is a mystery to be lived every day.

      We sometimes wonder how Jesus Christ is present among us today. He lives among us in the community, walking with those who are directly impacted by the virus which has caused a turbulence in our lives, something that most have never experienced. He is with the anxious, the suffering and the dying. He gives strength to those in the medical community, the first responders, their loved ones and families. He is with those who continue to work to bring essential goods to us. 

      He lives in each of us and for those that are called to be present to others, we can bring Christ to them in their darkness. 

      He lives in the Gospel proclaimed by word and deed. Through the Sacraments of the Church, he gathers disciples, heals the sick, reconciles sinners and calls us to service. Through our actions, it is the hand of Jesus that lifts up the poor, feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless and visits the confined through the Church’s mission of social outreach. In these and many other ways we give witness to the mystery of Jesus living among us. Indeed, we become Christ for the world.  A world that is in great need of the Easter message. 

In Christ,

Fr. Grzegorz Jaworowski


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