Staff Member: Michael Perugini

Staff Member: Michael Perugini

Michael Perugini

Head of Maintenance

A notice in the weekly bulletin lead Michael Perugini to his current position as head of maintenance at St Anthony Church. In April of 2013 he had decided to change careers from his job in construction and began working here. This role at the parish requires him to be a jack of all trades; doing whatever needs to be done on a daily basis throughout the church property and buildings. Additionally, the holidays require a whole different set of projects that must be completed seasonally. And then there is always the unexpected problems that arise due to weather and plain old wear and tear.

Michael sees how the church is presented to the parish community and visitors as a reflection of himself and he takes pride in his job. “ Life is always so rushed but working at St Anthony has taught me patience.”

His favorite season at St Anthony is the Advent/Christmas season. To him, all the preparation leading to the one day is worth the joy and excitement everyone feels when they come to Christmas services.

A resident of Prospect his whole life, Michael is a self-proclaimed car enthusiast. For his senior project at Kaynor Technical High School, he completely rebuilt and restored a 1995 Dodge pickup that he purchased from the junk yard. The truck is his pride and joy and he hopes to work on more restorations in the future.

Photo of Michael Perugini