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Jun 26, 2019

From the Pastor’s Desk,

We find ourselves in Ordinary Time once again. Yet nothing is ordinary when Jesus asks his disciples to “follow me”. God’s call is a challenging one, inviting us to a more intimate relationship with him. Trying to balance our lives, especially when tasked with work, family, vacation, illness, etc., is not easy. Yet the longing in our hearts beckons us. How will you follow Jesus? We know the road won’t be easy, but remember the reward will be great.

I have an update for work on the flat roofs on the church. Over the winter, we had several areas that leaked and required patching. From what I understand, the flat roofs, especially the one located over the food pantry, have been an ongoing problem for some time. After reviewing 4 quotes from different contractors, I have chosen R&R Roofing out of Wolcott. Work will begin next week and materials and labor are guaranteed for 15 years. 

This is an unexpected cost totaling $19,300.00 for the 3 flat roof areas on the church. As always, our accountability reports are available online, or in print by request. 

I appreciate your support and prayers for me, be assured of my prayers for each of you. 

In Christ,


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