Volunteer of the Week March 14, 2021

Erminia DiBastiani

Growing up as a child in Padua, Italy, Erminia would often attend Mass at the Pontifical Basilica of St. Anthony. After emigrating to the United States 30 years ago with her husband Peter she lived for a time in New Jersey. When the family moved to Connecticut in 2004, the family drove by our St. Anthony Church in Prospect and she knew that is where they would settle.

Since then, Erminia has shared her time and talents with many ministries at our parish. She is part of the Altar Society, Light Church Housekeeping and Seasonal Decorating ministries, taking care of our church and preparing for the Celebration of the Mass.

Over the years she has also given of her time to the Pumpkin Patch, the Bingo kitchen, Faith Formation, and the children’s pageants for Christmas and Easter. This past year Erminia sewed and donated dozens of face masks to our parish mask campaign.

“I like to help wherever they need me,” Erminia said in describing her many ministries, “I think everyone should help where they can”.

Thank you Erminia for being so generous with your time and talents. It is very much appreciated by our parish.



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