Volunteer of the Week March 13, 2022

Volunteer Spotlight - Kathy Doyle

Kathy Iannucci Doyle grew up in Prospect and returned to our parish just before Covid hit.  When she did, she jumped right in to help out. 

One ministry she was particularly interested in is the Altar Society.  She had been helping Father Williams at the Church of the Epiphany and later St. Patrick’s Church in Waterbury so It was a natural fit. 

“I always liked helping Father John (Williams) so when he retired and I came back to St. Anthony I asked to join.  There was a month open on the schedule so I started right up”, Kathy noted.   The Altar Society cleans the linens and cloths used in the liturgy at each Mass.  Volunteers sign up for one month each year. 

Kathy also volunteers for the Bingo Ministry each week.  She enjoys people and finds the crew in the Ministry lots of fun to be around.  She has also recently signed up for the Health Ministry and will help taking blood pressures after Mass once a month. 

Thank you, Kathy, for your gift of time and talent here at the Church of St. Anthony


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