Volunteer of the Week February 27, 2022

Volunteer Spotlight - Jill Blewitt

After suffering the recent loss of her mother, Judy Bridges, Jill made the decision to join the parish Bereavement Ministry.  It was a natural transition for Jill given that she is a school psychologist with all the skills in communication and empathy that go along with her job.  

“I’m not yet certified in the Bereavement Ministry but I will be soon and I look forward to becoming fully involved.” Jill said.

Jill and her family moved to Prospect when her children were young.  Father Cascia was the Pastor and Jill soon signed up as a catechist in Faith Formation.   

“It was called CCD back then” remarked Jill, “and I learned so much from teaching.  Things about my faith that I hadn’t remembered.”

Jill has continued with her work as a catechist working one on one with students in Faith Formation that need extra attention.  She is also active in the Season Decorating Ministry, and helps out preparing the church for Christmas and Easter.   She also works at the Christmas Bazaar each year.

Thank you Jill for all you do for our church parish family.


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