Volunteer of the Week February 13, 2022

Volunteer Spotlight - Lois Fusco

Lois has served our parish since 2016 as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and a member of the Baptismal Preparation Ministry.  But, perhaps, her greatest contribution to our parish has been her personal ministry of bringing new spiritual programs to the Church of St. Anthony.

Here Lois tells her story in her own words:

“I don't know how I would have fared without the support I received from the bereavement group when my mom passed away. She was the last of my family so it affected me deeply.

One of the group members (Kathy Dwyer) is the reason I was able to bring Lord Teach Me To Pray (LTMTP) to our parish. Kathy agreed to co-chair the program with me. I could not have done it on my own. Those who went on with me to Parts II and III of LTMTP have now become like family to me. They were the ones who called and offered assistance when I fell this past November! Their support encouraged me to offer more programs.

Helping to bring Marian entrustment to our parish is, to my way of thinking, the highlight of my volunteer activity. Because Mary is the Mediatrix of all graces. One of those graces is to bring us closer to her Son and to the Holy Spirit. Having been born during the month of the Sacred Heart, I always felt close to Him. But since our entrustment last June 27, I have felt even closer to Him than I ever thought possible! I also am much more in tune and reliant upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I thank Our Blessed Mother for those graces.

Of course, a close second is having brought the relics of St Faustyna to our parish this past October. Anything I can do to help spread her message of Mercy is a worthwhile endeavor. It's a message so needed today!

Looking ahead to next year, I would like to bring "33 Days to Greater Glory: A Total Consecration to the Father Through Jesus" to our parish. I think it would be fascinating to get to know Our Father more fully. (We do that through the Gospel of John.)

I enjoy offering programs that can help believers deepen their faith or gain more insight into why we believe what we do as Catholics. If anyone has an idea for something they would like our parish to offer in the future or would be interested in co-chairing a program with me, I'm all ears.”

Thank you, Lois, for your commitment to expanding the faith journey of our parish.  We look forward to many more programs of faith through your ministry.


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