Thank You's

Marty Muzzey and John Riley have been very busy since taking on their responsibilities as trustees. They are attending Pastoral Council and Finance Committee meetings, looking at our property both inside and out to evaluate building and property maintenance.  They are beginning to look at the hall restrooms and are working closely with John Schieffer and Father on the next steps.  Thank you to John Matteis who recently drew 2 sets of drawings, giving them different possibilities for the planning of the restrooms.  Marty and John welcome any questions you may have. 

The bingo volunteers had a crowd of 169 players recently!  Thank you to those who volunteer and those who attend the bingo games.  It’s a fun night for everyone.  New players are always welcome and once a month volunteers are always needed. 

Thank you to Mark at the Prospect Public Works town garage for coordinating a pick up of 2 of our metal picnic tables located near the playscape and soccer field that were no longer safe to use.  Currently, our playscape is closed due to safety issues and we are evaluating whether or not we will repair or have to remove it.


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