Chapel Update

Our new chapel will be blessed Saturday, October 15th. 

In time, the chapel will be accessible 24/7 for those wishing to spend time in prayer. This was the vision of Father Gregory and a parishioner who wishes to remain unnamed. This parishioner has worked tirelessly to find items for our chapel by visiting closed churches. We have many items from St. Lucy Church in Waterbury. The chapel is located where the confessional was, and confessions will continue to be held in that space. John Riley is working to refurbish an old Altar, David Beutel is hanging a light and adding an outlet, but in the process found burned wires that needed to be replaced. Carol Muzzy has been busy cleaning and polishing the pews and kneelers. The carpet in the room has been repaired and cleaned and the walls and ceiling have a coat of fresh paint. Some young parishioners assisted with moving the pews and kneelers from our storage shed into the Chapel. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project with time and prayer! We look forward to it being completed in the next couple of months! 


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