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The New Divine Mercy Chapel is ready for use!

Posted by Amanda Bertrand (communications coordinator) on 2/21/23

The Divine Mercy Chapel is now ready for use for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament!

To be allowed to expose the Blessed Sacrament for a brief period of time you must be approved in advance by David Byrne, Volunteer Coordinator.

Guidelines have been established that will need to be ... Read More »

Congratulations on your 1st Reconciliation!

Posted by Amanda Bertrand (communications coordinator) on 2/21/23

Congratulations to Ava, Brody, Kaitlin, Lucas, Jacob, Aria, Joey, Avery. Lucy and Julian! They all have made their First Reconciliation, on a past Saturday. We are so very proud of them, for being such great students! Keep them in your prayers as they continue preparing on Tuesdays for their ... Read More »

Burying the Alleluia 2/19

Posted by Amanda Bertrand (communications coordinator) on 2/03/23

During the season of Lent, the declaration of “Alleluia” before the Gospel is omitted from all liturgies, only to re-emerge at The Easter Vigil, when the Resurrection is proclaimed. As a symbolic gesture at the beginning of Lent, we will “Bury the Alleluia” marking the solemnity of the season ... Read More »

New Day Bereavement Group

Posted by Amanda Bertrand (communications coordinator) on 2/01/23

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?

St. Anthony Church is offering a 9-week program where individuals can share their grief stories and learn about the grieving process and its tasks for healing.  The sessions are conducted by trained facilitators, who have experienced grief in their own ... Read More »

Help us win grant money!

Posted by Amanda Bertrand (communications coordinator) on 2/01/23

Help Us Earn Grant Money!   The Ion Bank Foundation Community Awards Program gives away $100,000 to local non-profit organizations with each Ion Bank customer eligible to vote for their favorite non-profit organization. Voting has begun for the 13th Annual Community Awards Program so please help us earn grant ... Read More »

Thank you, volunteers!

Posted by Amanda Bertrand (communications coordinator) on 2/01/23

Thank you to: George Hughes for donating 2 framed photographs for the chapel: one of Pope John Paul II, and the other of Blessed Michael McGivney. John Schieffer for assisting to move our portable generator from the basement of the church to the storage barn. His ingenuity is always ... Read More »