60th Anniversary Celebration - Thank You's!

Our 60th Anniversary dedication of the parish was a beautiful celebration. We have many volunteers to thank. Our Altar servers, sacristans, and usher ministries, for always serving and making the celebration of our Masses run smoothly. Leann Fallon, Heather Fontaine, Sue Maloney, Annette Murphy, and Carol Muzzey for the planning, prepping, serving, and clean-up at the reception. We had a wonderful variety of refreshments with beautiful detail to the decorations. Kathy Doyle donated and made the lovely white bows for the pews which we will be able to use for weddings, 1st Holy Communion, and other celebrations. Our choir members who spent time rehearsing and being present with visiting members, sharing their incredible talent. Diana Veneri for spearheading the wine donations. Stella LoGiudice for all of the photos taken recording the history of this special day. To our Garden Ministry for working to keep our property beautiful. And to all of our parishioners who donated wine, participated in the Mass, attended the reception, and who pray for our Church. You are the heart of this parish. Thank you!


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