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Observations at St Anthony Church

Observations at St Anthony Church

As they are preparing for their First Holy Communion, our third grade Faith Formation students are usually asked “where do you see Jesus”?
Jesus is reflected in so many special moments at St Anthony parish, here are a few observations:

  • He is in the face of a devoted young boy who received communion this year and had the chance to bring up the offertory gifts this week. The smile and joy on his face and his family watching him was contagious.
  • He is in the greeters opening the doors at the 7:30 am Mass on Pentecost Sunday wearing their best red outfits to symbolizes the joy and fire of the Holy Spirit.
  • He is in the altar server who has grown into a senior server and was acknowledged at her final mass as she graduates high school.
  • He is a young couple who got married at our church a few years ago. Before long, they were expecting a child. We watched each week at Mass as the pregnancy continued until one Sunday, they came into church with an infant in a car seat. Before long the baby was participating at Mass with loud cries and tossing Cherrios around. Currently she is toddling around and walks up the aisle for communion with her parents every week. They represent the circle of life we all experience as a parish family.
  • He is in the glances, waves, and peace signs sent to neighbors and friends across the aisles during the weekly exchange of Peace.
  • He is in the little girl who becomes best friends with a resident from the nursing home who is wheeled in for 9:30 am mass. Each week before mass she would hug him and sit with him and he would give her a piece of candy. They never met before but have impacted each other’s lives.
  • He is in the sunlight streaming early in morning.
  • He is in the beautiful music that is sung and played each week, especially the few chords of piano played after we have sung the “Alleluia”. Next time you are at Mass listen for it before the Gospel, it will give you chills.

These are just a few ways in which our parish is blessed.
There are so many more moments in which the “the Jesus in me, sees the Jesus in you”.

Do you have an anecdote you would like to share?
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